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Likelihood Of Donating After Attending An Event
Preferred Event Organized By Non-Profit
Preferred method of Learning about Organizations
Reasons For Donating To Charity
Reasons For Donating To Charity
Reasons For Donating (Family/Friend Influence)
The Appeal of the Snowsuit Fund
Most Used Social Media
Amount People Will Spend To Attend An Event
Preference To Give To A Local Or International Organization
Brand Recognition by Gender
Donation Amount by Involvement with Charity
Motivations For Attending An Event
Have You Heard Of The Snowsuit Fund Ottawa?
Motivation For Attending Event
Giving By Involvment with a Charity
Currently Involved With A Charity
Most Used Social Media
Age by Sex
People Who Have Donated In The Past Year
Gender Of Respondents
Number Of Respondents By Year Of Study
Number Of Respondents By Faculty