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Basic account

Race and Murder
Philadelphia 2015 General Election Turnout
Kenney's Historic Victory
Philadelphia 2015 Special Election Turnout
STDs in Philadelphia
Setback in Philadelphia's Long War on Property Tax Delinquency
Bending the delinquency curve
Hot Days, Dangerous Nights
Big City Commutes
Picking up Harrisburg's slack
How Kenney Did It
Near the bottom of the pack
What a Waste
In Philly, voting along racial lines is an old tradition, but not an ironclad one.
They're Broke
Philly votes ... sometimes
A Different Sort of Gender Gap
The Center City Housing Boom
Who's attending the city's "best" schools?
Two schools, two demographies
Enforcement returns
Bending the delinquency curve
A raw deal
A $28 million target
City's enforcement is futile