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GDP development over time
US trust in media and government
Area chart of GDPs
Pointless Pie
Infogram Comment Engagement
National donut day2015
Dollar stronger, oil dropping
Max Overbids
Guns and Homicides in the US
Women's World Cup Golds
Message retention per media
Search interest in infographics, 2004-2014
Top 10 scorers WWC soccer
Top 10 individuals WWC 2015
wwc hat tricks
Hope Solo
Poll of Polls: UK Election 2015
College costs in focus
West Coast Port Closures
      USA: The Jobs Are Coming Back
Fickle nature of happiness
Quick'n Live Data Viz
Quick'n Live Data Viz
Willpower across the US
Founding and funding
VEnäjän talousalamäki
"...Mutta suurin niistä on rakkaus"
Kickstarter trends?
Reddit Front Page Top 10
Reggio / Sburg Live Score
Beer Prices Test
Poverty in 2008 (ppp)
Exports per capita in 2013
Exports from Russia and China in 2013
Imports to Russia and China in 2013
The Crimean Context
PIe day Contest 3/14
Web turns 25
What value do startups expect and get from accelerator programs?
How much do startups value the money invested by an accelerator?
Lack of support services a disappointment?
Value of customer and partner contacts in the industry provided by the accelerator
Startups & Accelerators
Barriers to Entrepreneurship, OECD, 2008
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Survey, 2010
Speed of starting up