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Mackinac Bridge
State workers
Girl scout cookies
Record in Reach
NCAA career 3 pointers made
NCAA career 3 pointers made
BWL reported outages
Abortion in Michigan
Traffic sources Nov. 2013
Performance rating
Change in private sector employment earnings by sector, 1990-2011
Change in employment, 1990-2011
East Lansing: Ticketing To Excess?
Total airplane trips by state department
Total airplane trips of top 15 State Employee Travelers
State Airplane Costs By Fiscal Year
A question of cuts
Delinquent taxes in Michigan
5 things to know about delinquent taxes in MI
Lansing-made March car sales
Lansing-made year to date car sales
Eaton County traffic crash statistics 2008-2012
Tracking CATA labor costs
Comparing department budget recommendations year by year
Comparing relative department budget proportions by year
Budget change by department, 2014 vs. 2013 (%)
Michigan State's 2012 International Student Body
Michigan's Top 10 Spending Lobbying Organizations & Companies In 2012
Michigan's Top 10 Spending Lobbying Individuals In 2012
Michigan State's 2012 International Students
Lansing area rental housing data
Michigan Employment Changes January 2011 - November 2012