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The Better Together camp claim their leaflet \"only delivers the facts\". However, after you&#39;ve read through the initial doom and gloom, you may notice that there are not actually that many \"Facts\" presented. Instead the leaflet chooses well constructed &#39;suggestions&#39;, and flirts with outright surmise on what would befall a post independent Scotland. Questioning readers should see through the fantasy scenarios, where the rUK chooses to disenfranchise a new sovereign & ally nation in Scotland. Sadly however, symptomatic of the ease in which our bias press control their readership, so too the Better Together leaflet looks to detract. My hope would have been for Better Together leaflet to have taken the opportunity to outline their vision of a post 2014 Scotland, and the cynical may conclude that the Better Together approach indicates that there is no such vision. That’s the cynical, not me. So lets look at these FACTS anyway, and decipher the bluster.and hopefully cut through the bluster.","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":762604,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363871187","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"The reverse of the Better together leaflet - \"the facts\" ","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":762524,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363869847","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363869847.jpg"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759362,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal_1363813237","particle_type":"quote","picture":null,"text":"Claim 1 - Scotland exports twice as much to England, Wales & NI ","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759474,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363814790","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"As to the rest of the world ","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759424,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363814736","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363814736.jpg"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759482,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363814853","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"Better Together suggestion that Scotland after Independence, would suffer from dried up order books, and virtually overnight too. It eludes that decades of trade to and from Scotland with trading partners around the rUK would simply extinguish? ..This is the suggestion as I see it. However If Better Together took the time to ask business to outline their key drivers when placing orders for goods or services, you'd be hard pushed to gain a response where the union was the catalyst. The reasons for this are simple. The basic rules of business apply. How much is it? What quality is it? Can i acquire it cost effectively, How profitable will it be?..... As far as i am aware i have not heard anyone from the YES campaign mentioning a want to cut Scotland physically adrift after 2014, and as an Island nation the proximity of Scotland denotes a lot of the 'first call' trade links, not union. Also don't be misled into allowing Better Together to convince you trade is merely one way, and remember Scotland imports as well as exports, applying exactly the same rules as the rUK. Scotland with full fiscal levers could even become a more appealing market for trading with not less so.","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759576,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363815883","particle_type":"quote","picture":null,"text":"“In the event that the country chooses independence, we have faith in the Scottish Government’s approach to making Scotland more, not less, competitive. Recent news and speculation has not damaged Scotland’s prospects.\"","content_type":"","title":"Doug Sawers, Ceridian’s MD","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759598,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363816381","particle_type":"bodytitle","picture":null,"text":"Claim 2- Scots are represented by over 270 embassies","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759634,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363816472","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"....As part of the UK. the worlds biggest diplomatic network","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759216,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363816594","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363816594.jpg"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759643,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363816612","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"Again, what are Better Together actually suggesting? Basically that your safety is at risk. That out of the UK union Scots safety and support abroad will be compromised. I think this is what they are saying, but again they stop short of actually saying this. But here’s the rub. Under EU law, any EU national \"is entitled to assistance from any EU embassy, as though it were one of its own nationals\". look it up. Its fact not fiction. Now thats a lot of support even before we tackle the EU question. Independent Scots, under EU legislation, and within the EU, not out, would still have access to the 270 UK embassies by law. However rather ironically, your largest threat to support overseas seems to be coming from Westminster with the coalition proposing an in/out referendum, which will drastically compromise this support. Then there is the cost of these 270 embassies. Since the Lisbon treaty was signed in 2007, &#39;EU Embassies&#39; are widely recognised as the way forward. Again, a little fact forgotten by Better Together, who also fail to mention the current down-scaling of the UK Embassy network through austerity cuts, the embassy share plans with Canada , and the further £100M earmarked in savings in the coming months. ","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759696,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363817418","particle_type":"bodytitle","picture":null,"text":"Claim 3- 1 in 5 workers in Scotland is employed by English, Welsh and NI firms","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759727,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363817727","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363817727.jpeg"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759730,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363817740","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"What are Better Together suggesting in this one? That so many jobs hinge on being part of the union? That should we be stupid enough to take the Independence plunge, companies would simply withdraw and go elsewhere. This is the depiction Better Together want to project, but again this suggestion lends itself to fantasy over fact. Scotland, with full fiscal autonomy would be able to attract inward investment, not deter it. You need to consider that just as the Better Together leaflet claims, \"1 in 5 people in Scotland are employed by English, Welsh & NI companies\", therefore the more striking statistic should be that 4 out of 5 are employed by Scottish or rWorld companies. Lidl&#39;s won&#39;t suddenly pack up and leave an Independent Scotland any more than Marathon Oil or Amazon will. If the price is right, the skills base is available and the company is turning a profit, they will stay. The UK considers itself a global player yet perpetuates boundaries when it suits their argument. Global business is global! its in the name. It is devoid of borders and driven by profit. Imagine this however, with inward investment incentivised, Scotland may actually begin to reindustrialise and turnaround industries decimated by Thatcher, and then 13 years of New Labour. We may actually start to attract back, talented Scots who felt their only choice was to leave for the south east where disproportionate investment has been the order of the day for decades. ","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759813,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363818730","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363818730.jpg"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759822,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363818767","particle_type":"bodytitle","picture":null,"text":"Claim 4 - 31,000 workers in scotland have jobs with the UK Goverment","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759837,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363818873","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"31,000 jobs will be severely compromised right? Jobs will simply be lost the minute we vote for independence? Government work doesn&#39;t get abolished just because Scotland becomes an independent country. Those jobs are probably based in Scotland because they relate to administrative work relevant to Scotland (most likely operating out of the Scotland Office). With the transfer of competencies for things like foreign affairs, defence, taxation etc to Scotland itself, there would be a reduced demand for jobs in London (and by the way, a hugely disproportionate number of UK government jobs are in London), and that demand would instead fall in Scotland (admittedly mostly in Edinburgh, as the administrative capital and where the Scottish Parliament is). We&#39;d need tax officers. We&#39;d need a larger civil service to deal with our new competences (the cost of that being off-set by no longer funding the UK civil service). The work of government in Scotland would be more substantial to reflect the increased number and scope of decisions our state would have to take.\n\nEven so, I&#39;d question why a large UK government bureaucracy is an argument for the Union. Perhaps Westminster has been hiring too many people in a civil service capacity, meaning that there is less money to go directly into the provision of public services. The cut and thrust of this, though, has to be \"government doesn&#39;t stop just because Better Together say so.\" - Predictable Paradox\n","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759868,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363819483","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363819483.jpg"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759871,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363819554","particle_type":"bodytitle","picture":null,"text":"Claim 5 - Scottish Banks were bailed out with £470bn of UK Taxpayers money","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759830,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363819925","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363819925.gif"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":765529,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363900608","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"The part that gets lost in this Better Together inclusion is that Scots might actually have not made the same mistakes that Westminster DID. Comparably as deluded as a captured Saddam Hussein offering his willingness to \"negotiate\", Better Together exhibit a similar level of denial to a hugely mismanaged ideology. Let's not kid ourselves here, the banking collapse was not just a set of circumstances which could not possibly have been foreseen. The problem was that a lot of people were making a lot of money, while a lot of eyes were turned the other way. While this was going on, Messrs Brown and Darling at this time were promising an end to boom and bust economics while doing absolutely nothing about it. Alistair Darling is either so very clever, or so very arrogant (I’m going for the latter), in publishing his own incompetence as something which should be perversely congratulated. Now that really is a skill. Alistair Darling, the very man who presided over the collapse of the UK economy, has decided that in his using your cash to save the RBS in some way admonishes him for letting it go down in the first place; even lauding it as shown here as a positive reason to stay within the union. This is breathtaking impudence . Alistair Darling suggests Scotland could not have managed this debt and would have gone bust, while leading you to believe that his chosen fix , before and after, was the only plausible one. Somehow a big banking boy did it, and ran away, leaving our hero of the moment, Alistair Darling to pick up the pieces. Would Scotland have gone bust? No. Should we be thankful that an inept chancellor kept an inept bank wholly alive at the tax payer’s expense? No. This after all, was a choice Alistair Darling made on your behalf, and it was a decision that now affects every Scot negatively. And what of these choices and those made since? Pumping further billions of your money into maintaining bankers bonuses, settling malpractice fines and failing to address any quantifiable change. All choices Alistair Darling made on your behalf.\n\nPersonally, there are two very pertinent omissions from Better Together ‘s triumphant claim. One - if Scotland was independent when RBS needed bailing out, would it have been so agreeable to a bail out as completely as Alistair Darling has? And two – Surely the question has to be ‘Would such a spectacular collapse have happened in an Independent Scotland’ as it DID under the Better Together leader in the first place? \n \n\n","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":788987,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1364375278","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1364375278.jpg"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":788925,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1364373974","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"Looking at question 1, what other options were available? While the UK and other markets refocused their efforts back towards globalisation, Iceland decided not to bail out their banks. Instead it declared that they would only protect domestic bank accounts and everyone else would have to fight over the remaining assets. It may seem inconceivable that we would let a major banking institution such as RBS go bust, but then again if you wind back the clock 15 years, the very idea of bailing out a bank with the public purse would have seemed equally unthinkable. Alistair Darling set that precedent when he instructed the Treasury to use tax you paid 'not' to bail out the banks, to bail out the banks. Northern Rock went first to the tune of £17.5bn. Its former boss, Adam Applegarth walked off with a £760,000 payoff. yep folks, that's the money taken from your salary each month. That’s a lot of nurses and police right there. \n\nAnd so they fell. But of course what Alistair Darling started, the other center right party, the Tories finished. But not before the final insult, where Liam Byrne left office leaving the new incumbent a jovial exchange, noting 'Dear chief secretary, I'm afraid to tell you there's no money left,'. What a hoot. And just as Brown mis-sold the UK's gold for £7bn less than it was worth, so too the Tories began their office panic selling Northern Rock to Virgin Money for a starting loss £400M to try and offset some of their mismanagement. Good business?\n\nWith RBS, Alistair Darling decided on a full bail out. What is not widely debated is that Alistair Darling could have broken the bank up, or god forbid, it could have been allowed to fail. Despite RBS’ £28bn loss on toxic investments and the failed ABN Amro takeover, a lot of RBS was equitable. It had an excellent insurance arm, including Churchill and Direct Line, the retail banking remained profitable through RBS and Natwest and also had a strong commercial banking arm. However Mr Darling decided to reinvest in re-globalising the bank while protecting the City of London's place on the global financial stage. Banking after all is one of the two Government's revenue streams replacing industry and innovation. The City of London, one of the UK's 8 tax havens simply could not be allowed to fail. Moreover it could not even be allowed to be compromised as emerging markets elsewhere forged ahead. \n\nIceland on the other hand accepted their medicine, and despite having an external debt of more than double the RBS bailout, in less than 5 years managed once more to raise their credit rating to BBB. And now Fitch, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s consider Icelandic debt to be \"investable\" again. Iceland's unemployment is only 7.2%, and GDP growth is expected to come in at 2.4% this year. That’s a lot stronger than anything forecast for the UK or the rest of Europe. Who is to say this is the correct approach- however did Alistair Darling and then the Bank loving Tories even consider these options? I can bet not. \n\nThe banking collapse too, did not come as a total surprise to Mr Darling or Westminster. Just one example is Paul Moore, a former head of risk management at HBOS who publically warned the Government years before the RBS collapse that the loans they were lending “left it vulnerable to a large number of borrower defaults”. His reward? He was sacked by James Crosby, himself a direct advisor to the Government. However while Brown and then subsequently Darling as chancellor were cashing in their receipts, so too were they benefiting from the casino banking culture they both presided over. The trick? as with any game of Russian Roulette, is to just cross your fingers and hope that its not your head that comes off. Unfortunately for us, it was. The Better Together chancellor was found not only asleep at the wheel. he was slumped over the wheel with a gun in his hand. Sure, he may have made a mistake. It can happen to the best of us right? I am sure he is a man of integrity and unquestionable valour? I am sure that the 4 times he flipped his house and ‘mistakenly claimed’ expenses was just an oversight. Perhaps it is best to let the man himself describe the situation at the time. \n","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":759954,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363821242","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363821242.jpg"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":861994,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1365532509","particle_type":"video","picture":null,"text":"//youtube.com/embed/rBRIJ7KMiUQ"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":760031,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363822048","particle_type":"bodytitle","picture":null,"text":"Claim 6- 800,000Scots live and work in England and Wales (no mention of NI) without the need for papers or passports ","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":760058,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363822162","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"The Better Together&#39;s hate word now .....wait for it...Pure \"Scaremongering\". There i said it. Better Together like to claim pro independence supporters use the word without due substance. I believe that this leaflet entry disproves that theory. Border controls with England, an argument about as plausible as the Better Together claim where Yes voters have Braveheart playing on a loop system. Better together love this claim. It strikes at the psyche of most Scots with family dotted throughout the British Isles. The claim that Scots would be required to clear border posts and customs at Gretna is the stuff of fairy-tales. That we will all be held up in crippling queues to pass through gun toting border guards into England is illusory. It ranks up there alongside the &#39;England would need to bomb Scottish Airports&#39; (google it) Story for factual nonsense. \n\nHowever wait! having written this, this one could be true. What i mean is that England can in effect implement whichever measures they wish to implement at any of their borders. They can put up an Iron Curtain if they like. Its their border, they can do what they like. However i believe even the &#39;No&#39; voters can see past this scare story. Borders and customs officials at the Scottish / English border would simply suit no one 1. Westminster equally would need to fund and finance this new border 2. Bilateral trade would suffer under the weight of bureaucracy (it does go two ways) 3. This would not be a popular policy even for the rUK residents wishing to visit family in Scotland. You see Westminster & the bias British press like to paint this image of Scotland physically breaking off and drifting out into the Atlantic. But come 19 September 2014 in the event of a Yes vote, nothing will have changed ! you will wake up, open your curtains and not find yourself suddenly passing ice bergs near the polar ice caps. Just as i can sit on a train in Dublin and disembark in Belfast without noticing a single secret agent peeking through holes in newspapers, or having to be frisked as i pass through invisible border coordinates into Northern Ireland, so too a simple freedom of movement agreement would be sought between two cooperative neighbours. Perhaps however, the biggest irony of it all could be the need for a visa entering Europe with the UK&#39;s in out referendum headed up by new prime minister Boris Johnston in 2016. Oh no! There are just too many questions unanswered! \n","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":760164,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363823347","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363823347.jpg"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":760168,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363823398","particle_type":"bodytitle","picture":null,"text":"Claim 7 - The UK has the world&#39;s 2nd Largest Aid Budget - delivered by life saving scots in East Kilbride ","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":760237,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363824637","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363824637.jpg"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":760170,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363823545","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"Right - next! OK, first off, the UK has the third largest aid budget, not the second. Marginally behind Germany, yet miles behind the USA. But what are Better Together trying to suggest here? - well to be honest i am not quite sure? I can only assume that this is a jingoistic tug on Scottish heart strings in recognition of the strengths of GREAT Britain. But my question echoes that of many a growing discord across all parties, and that is WHY? Of course an Independent Scotland should and would have a foreign aid budget. But like many ignored voices at Westminster, shouldn&#39;t the effectiveness and affordability of that spend be reviewed? After all, surely the purpose of a foreign aid budget should be to help the very poorest in society? So, are we secure in our opinion that this aid exclusively benefits those less fortunate than ourselves? Well take two minutes to search the &#39;exclusively life saving&#39; claims of this Better Together spin yourself, and you will easily unearth one story after another where this money is squandered. Where does giving Iraq £5m, a country we decimated by war, compare with the UK&#39;s 2nd highest payment of £293M paid to the moderately rich nation of India? Why do we insist on pushing this money into India&#39;s back pocket when India publicly state they have no need for it. The fact is we pay more to foreign aid annually than we do to our national police forces, and it costs every household in the UK more than £300 annually. Now think about that in real terms and within an economy that is officially broke. That £13.6bn given in overseas aid, is effectively borrowed simply to give away, and at your expense. \n\n","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":762623,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363871373","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363871373.jpg"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":754635,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363825825","particle_type":"bodytitle","picture":null,"text":"Claim 8 - the UK means that Scots get a place at the top table in the UN alongside Russia, China and America ","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":760348,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363827153","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363827153.png"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":760288,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363825930","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"Scotland has 52 Members of a 600 strong Westminster Parliament. Now you would think this would mean 8% representation for Scotland at the Westminster table. With Scottish Labour little more than an oxymoron controlled from Westminster, and all remaining Better Together parties unwilling to impart any recognition of Scotland at any top table for the sake of towing the party line, from those 52 MP&#39;s the SNP has 6. This realistically leaves Scotland with just 1% representation at Westminster. Further dilute the Scots representation by proxy at this aspirational top UN table and you are left wondering where the Scots&#39; benefit actually is? Scotland’s place on the world stage is still to be decided. That place will be written into a Scottish constitution and will represent the values of the Scottish people. Lets be honest here, a lot of the reasons for the UK&#39;s presence at this so called top table is simply based on the UK&#39;s Nuclear capabilities. This for me is not a reason to keep Nukes and if having nukes is a bargaining chip to an exclusive club then you can keep it. Nuclear weapons of mass murder, to give them their real title are a abomination, to which even 75% of Scots planning on voting No deplore. What influence would we be hoping to exert over the globe after independence? How can we judge where we see Scotland&#39;s role in the world. I would like to think it would be in promoting a fairer more diplomatic role, removed from it&#39;s disgusting military investment to fight American wars. And what of our benefit at this top table until now? I don&#39;t see Scandinavian, Australasian or other emerging nations suffering through their non participation. \n","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":760349,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363827167","particle_type":"bodytitle","picture":null,"text":"Claim 9 - Scots save billions on the cost of their mortgages on the back of the UK&#39;s AAA credit rating","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":760352,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363827243","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"This was always going to be a risky leaflet inclusion after Moodys predicted a 30% chance of a UK credit downgrade almost 18 months ago. Still, better Together pressed ahead with their leaflet and are now having to bear the brunt of their own claims. If Better Together claims carry any weight then we at least now have a benchmark to judge their accuracy. So now we can all sit back and wait for our mortgages to rocket through the roof right? Well lets see. If they do not? could it just be that we were led a bit of a tall story? surely not. Better Together suggest they merely portray the facts. So let the facts be known. ","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":760336,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363827358","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363827358.jpg"},{"type":"particle","particle_id":765050,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363902998","particle_type":"bodytitle","picture":null,"text":"Claim 10 - the pensions of 1Million Scots are guaranteed by the UK welfare system","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":765703,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363903051","particle_type":"bodytext","picture":null,"text":"You are all doomed! doomed i tell you Doomed!! - you will be working until you are 106 and then some. Still what they dont tell you is that private pensions in an independent Scotland would be unaffected. They don&#39;t tell you that they would be paid in £&#39;s as they are today, and not one thing will change there. But what of the public sector? Guess what? They would remain unaffected. Scotland has administered hundreds of thousands of pensions under devolution already and this wont change. However, if you are to believe Better Together , the UK Government is the only government capable of raising funds for, and paying funds out for, the pensions of old people and those formerly employed by the state. There is no analysis here at all about why these pensions cannot or will not be protected in an independent Scotland. Better Together has not explained why this is an argument for the Union. However we know one thing, creating that uncertainty and spin will be backed by the unionist media, and when the myth is dispelled, you will hear nowt. Pensions - we already know how to do it! Shock horror. ","content_type":"","title":"","shrink":null},{"type":"particle","particle_id":765798,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal1363903969","particle_type":"image","picture":"http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/infogram-particles-700/BrianBluntTotal1363903969.jpg"},{"type":"chart","chart_id":1248198,"object_id":"BrianBluntTotal_1364373888","chart_type_nr":24,"data":[[["Until Your Chance to Vote for a fairer Scotland","2014","9","18","0","0","0","down","years","months","days","hours","minutes","seconds",""]]],"custom":{},"colors":[],"dimensions":[],"modifier":0,"sheetnames":[],"sheets_settings":[]}],"theme":{"createdAt":"2016-04-22T04:54:07.000Z","updatedAt":"2016-12-28T10:33:06.000Z","logoImages":[""],"charts":{"wordcloud":{"labels":{"fontWeight":"700","fontFamily":"Arial"}},"treemap":{"labels":{"value":{"fontFamily":"PT Sans Narrow"},"name":{"fontWeight":"700","fontFamily":"PT Sans 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#000;\n}\n.quotetitle {\n\tfont-weight: 400;\n}\n.ig-copyright {\n\tcolor: #4e4e4e;\n\ttop: 0!important;\n}\n#madewith a,\n#madewith a:link,\n#madewith a:hover,\n#madewith a:visited,\n#madewith a:active {\n\tcolor: #4e4e4e !important;\n}\n#madewith.active a:hover,\n.headline.active:hover {\n\tcolor: #cc3635 !important;\n}\n.titlepopup1,\n.titlepopup2 {\n\tborder-color: #cc3635;\n}\n.headline a {\n\tcolor: #cc3535;\n}\n.ig-separator-line {\n\tbackground: rgba(118, 118, 118, 0.5);\n}\n.heatmap-legend {\n\tbackground: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7);\n}\n.heatmap-legend-item,\n.heatmap-label {\n\tcolor: #6c6c6c;\n\tfont-size: 12px;\n\tfont-size: 11px;\n\tfont-weight: 500;\n\tfont-family: Open Sans;\n\tfont-family: PT Sans;\n}\n.igc-graph-pie-piece {\n\tstroke: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7);\n}\n.igc-tabs .igc-tab-active {\n background: #ffffff;\n }\n .igc-tabs .igc-tab .igc-tab-content,\n .igc-tabs .igc-tab.icon-down:after {\n font-family: PT Sans Narrow;\n color: #000000;\n font-weight: 400;\n }\n 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style=\"color:#989898!important;text-decoration:none!important;\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"nofollow\">Create your own infographics</a></div>","embedIframe":"<iframe src=\"//e.infogr.am/Just-a-few-of-the-reasons-better-together-isnt?src=embed\" title=\"\" width=\"690\" height=\"\" scrolling=\"no\" frameborder=\"0\" style=\"border:none;\"></iframe><div style=\"padding:8px 0;font-family:Arial!important;font-size:13px!important;line-height:15px!important;text-align:center;border-top:1px solid #dadada;margin:0 30px\"><a href=\"https://infogr.am/Just-a-few-of-the-reasons-better-together-isnt\" style=\"color:#989898!important;text-decoration:none!important;\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"nofollow\">Just a few of the reasons better together isnt</a><br><a href=\"https://infogr.am\" style=\"color:#989898!important;text-decoration:none!important;\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"nofollow\">Create your own infographics</a></div>","embedWordpress":"[infogram 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30px\"><a href=\"https://infogr.am/Just-a-few-of-the-reasons-better-together-isnt\" style=\"color:#989898!important;text-decoration:none!important;\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"nofollow\">Just a few of the reasons better together isnt</a><br><a href=\"https://infogr.am\" style=\"color:#989898!important;text-decoration:none!important;\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"nofollow\">Create your own infographics</a></div>","embedImageAsync":"<div class=\"infogram-embed\" data-id=\"Just-a-few-of-the-reasons-better-together-isnt\" data-type=\"image\" data-title=\"\"></div><script>!function(e,t,n,s){var i=\"InfogramEmbeds\",o=e.getElementsByTagName(t),d=o[0],a=/^http:/.test(e.location)?\"http:\":\"https:\";if(/^\\/{2}/.test(s)&&(s=a+s),window[i]&&window[i].initialized)window[i].process&&window[i].process();else if(!e.getElementById(n)){var 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